Silence [DVD]

April 15, 2017 - Comment


Lorelite says:

Taste and see that it is good. Forget anything you think this movie will be about. It is a compelling story about the difference between religion and faith. Each Christian that was found, was forced to reject the physical representation of Jesus, (ie: the cross, an icon, etc) and was tortured and tormented for their choice. But the internal faith, the core belief in Jesus Christ and his redeeming work on the cross, which is the driving force behind Christianity, could not be eradicated from beating hearts. And if those…

P. K. Butler says:

Enter the Silence

David E. Baldwin says:

Inarguably the Best Picture of 2016 If you thought Martin Scorsese would go into his twilight years resting on past successes this film will make you think again. “Silence” is a film of immense power and depth that will make one examine your long held beliefs. Scorsese posits here the idea that it is much easier to sacrifice oneself for your faith but is it conscionable to sacrifice others for your convictions? This is not an easy film to watch but compelling nonetheless. When the film concludes its title garners…

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