Phenomenon: The Lost Archives

May 9, 2017 - Comment

DVD set

DVD set


tim huxoll says:

… something not ordinarily brought to light i for one like the very fact that series attempted to do just … A huge fan of the genre, I can’t imagine how I missed this series the first time around. While most of the topics were familiar to me, now, nearly twenty years later and knowing the world situation as it stands today, I found the information almost shocking. I can’t imagine how we, as a country and a species missed this the first time around! The lens of hindsight focuses a hard look at the costs of ignorance and inactivity. In other words, we were warned.Terrifically informative and…

Anonymous says:

Despite the cheesy music and rather ridiculous recreations, this series is not half bad at all. It provides a unique perspective on certain events that “Conspiracy Theorists” [in some cases, highly respected Scientists] are still bringing into question even today. Though the series was filmed almost twenty years ago, it offers viewers a rare insight which allows for some of the information to be validated or invalidated in regard to some of the “theories” proposed. One example…

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