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Paul Allaer says:

“I didn’t want fame. I just became a Kennedy” “Jackie” (2016 release; 100 min.) is a movie about Jackie Kennedy. As the movie opens, we are told this is “Hyannus Port, MA, 1963”, and in fact it’s one week after JFK’s assassination. Jackie is hosting a reporter of Life Magazine to talk about her life as the First Lady and what things may be in store for her going forward. From there the movie looks in a non-linear line at various events, not just surrounding the assassination and the subsequent funeral, but also at Jackie’s…

Brian Kelly says:


V Helmbreck Mascitti says:

It’s a sad sad life Not a film to watch in the current political climate. Portman’ performance is unrelentingly grim, which is understandable given the time period the movie focuses on, but it makes for a hopeless, depressing and miserable two hours of cinema. Walk or ride to the church, after 90 minutes you just do not care. There is no sense of why a Jackie did either. Her role in her husband’s life and administration are reduced to being a headband for his shattered brains and an interior decorator he never…

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