Finding Mr. Wright

January 15, 2017 - Comment


MikeC says:

Easy Way To Spend An Afternoon I bought Finding Mr Wright purely because of Rebekah Kochan. I think she’s a great actress and comedian. I watched the film yesterday and found it to be a decent romantic comedy about a man who puts the need to be needed above his own need to need someone else.The cast were all great in the roles, although about three quarters of the way through the film I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Gage and Pierce were both in love with Clarke. Frankly I was hoping they’d hook up. I…

Smart Shopper!! says:

Falls Short! I don’t understand why most gay themed movies follow same formula. This movie could have been great if you concentrated on the blossoming love story. Instead we also have to follow sex-crazed characters jumping from bed to bed. Can’t forget the character who wants everyone to roll on E. Such a cliche. Then you have to have the crazy butch-like Lesbian. While the acting wasn’t great; their was much more potential. Not all gay men are vapid, self-obsessed, sex-crazed drug…

Anonymous says:

as a retired hotel pastry chef I, of course, have no idea how difficult it is to make a film: tell a story, create believable characters and film this project in a coherent and entertaining way. and now I find myself reviewing someone else’s work and it is uncomfortable. because I appreciate the effort and dedication it takes and the collaboration involved. For me I just didn’t connect with the film, I watched till end hoping that “love is the answer” was not once again not going to…

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