Dressmaker, The

January 23, 2017 - Comment


Catfood03 says:

Near seamless In all my years of writing reviews on Amazon I have only touched on music, however I felt compelled to have a word on this movie because I don’t understand the negative opinions shared here and from many movie critics. The Dressmaker is an excellent movie, not perfect (more on that below), but easily one of the better offerings this year. Taking place in rural Australia, a fashion designer returns to her childhood town where she was exiled from as a young girl for a “crime” she cannot…

Shannon says:

Just DO IT! Movie Review: I’ve seen this movie when it came to a local independence theatre in my city, and the movie was great. Dark humor, quick wit, and sassy Kate Winslet all bundled into one movie makes for good entertainment. If you’re into that sort of thing, this is the movie for you. Buy it and be merry!Packaging: It came packaged, as if purchased right off the shelf of a store. In pristine condition.Overall, use your Amazon gift card(s) for got for the Holidays for this great…

Leibolds says:

But Kate Winslet and pretty dresses? A win Got the movie without reading a whole lot of reviews. But Kate Winslet and pretty dresses? A win. Watched it the same night and its AMAZING.Spoiler alert:She goes home completely forgotten of a crime shes not sure shes commited. But the town has no problem reminding her. She falls in love with a man shes known her whole life… And his brother watched the “crime” happen 15 years ago. Able to prove her innocence it was too late. Her Mother, Mad Molly speaks the truth to…

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